What It’s Like To Fuck Her

There was a girl on base who was so nasty that she had sexxxxx to have every man on base, even if he was married. She would have sex with many of them at one time. She was so flamboyantly fun and I liked hanging with her. My husband asked me to stop hanging with her. I was a little upset because I thought that he was not showing me that he trust me. I hung with many sluts in school and I never followed in their footsteps, so why does he not trust me now?

His unit took us on a winter trip and while on the trip the nasty girl hung around us, telling jokes and just having fun. Her jokes had gotten a little wild and she was trying to get me to join in on the jokes. She was saying things like, “you know when you get one of them real good orgasms that make you want to scream like you being killed.” I just looked at her and giggled. My husband looked at me as if he was hurt that I did not brag about his love making skills.